About Us

The Chicago Project is a dynamic 9-piece band that includes a 3-piece horn section. This high powered group with strong vocalists features the music of Chicago and other horn-based bands including Lighthouse, Blood Sweat & Tears and James Brown, not to mention songs by Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Huey Lewis and many others.


Lead Vocalist

Duane Wells

Raised in rural Newfoundland with professional musicians on both sides of the family, Duane has always been surrounded by music and was already performing in bars by age 15. While training with Ian Garrett (Canadian Academy of Vocal Music founder, Canadian Opera Company singer, Shania Twain vocal coach), Duane was chosen to sing lead on “Bohemian Rhapsody” with a full choir. Before joining The Chicago Project, Duane's musical focus has been Rock and Progressive recording projects Galloway and Chaldean Dream.


Alternate Lead Vocalist

Ted Pappas

Ted grew up surrounded with talented musicians on both sides of his family that sparked his love for music. From the age of 16 he has been an active part of Toronto’s music scene. Ted’s big voice combines eclectic flavours of Blues, Rock, Funk and Soul with his vocal styling and songwriting. Ted has worked with some of Canada’s greatest talents including Juno Award winning recording engineer and producer L. Stu Young, famed music engineer Nick Blagona, Stan Miczek, Sil Simone and Stuart Cameron to name a few.


Keyboards & Vocals

Wes Burton

Wes started Royal Conservatory piano at age 4 and subsequently studied under several acclaimed conservatory, jazz and improvisation piano coaches. During his high school years Wes played trade shows as a solo artist and played with the Impact Stage Band before co-founding the band “Delegation” that became one of Toronto’s premiere show bands. Wes has played extensively in various other rock and dance bands throughout Canada, but his love for the horn bands such as Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, Earth Wind and Fire and Lighthouse inspired him to be a founding member of The Chicago Project.


Misty Fedak

Misty studied trumpet with Don E. Johnson, Rainer Schmidt, Horace Hinds, and Freddy Stone. He continued his formal music education studying music at Humber College and obtaining an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at York University. After earning a Bachelor of Education degree at University of Toronto, Misty embarked on a 36 year career as a music teacher with the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Misty has continuously played in various bands performing at weddings and dances, has toured Europe accompanying dancers representing Canada at folk festivals and worked the Toronto club scene with “The Robbie Rox Original Horn Band” to name but one. In addition to the Chicago Project, Misty continues to play with working swing bands and rehearsal bands in the GTA.


Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar

Brian Forrest

Brian’s formative years were spent in Montreal where he began playing guitar at age 12.   He spent several years studying harmony and composition with Ovid Avarma at Dawson College in Montreal and subsequently took up flute, bass guitar and keyboard.   Brian was lead singer in the successful Montreal band “Patch of Blue” then began writing his own material and forming the band Family, Friends and Future. Brian has been playing and recording ever since.



Lead Guitar

Alan Glennie

Alan comes from a family of past and present professional musicians that ensured music would be a big part of his life. After an early start with various and assorted instruments, Alan turned to guitar where he found his passion. His early guitar career saw him playing various genres of music from folk to bluegrass to rock.

Alan played for several years in a successful Toronto pop/rock band at various clubs before relocating to the Ottawa Valley where he has performed with popular valley artists such as singer/songwriter Jody Digregario and blues singer Maria Hawkins. Back in Toronto, Alan has been a constant presence playing the club scene including jamming at Grossman’s Tavern. Alan is extremely pleased to be a founding member of The Chicago Project, finding the challenge to be fulfilling and fun.


Drums & Vocals

Ron Hauth

Ron’s keen interest in music began as a child when he started his playing career by taking drum lessons. Ron has supplemented his drumming with piano lessons and learning to play the clarinet and flute.

Over the years Ron has played in various Toronto bands and continued the development of his skills by attending several Rock and Roll Fantasy Camps where he has had the opportunity to play on stage with the likes of Roger Daltrey, Joe Perry (Guitar - Aerosmith), Lawrence Gowan,  Sass Jordan, Spike Edney (Keyboard and Vocals - Queen), Ginger Baker and David Crosby to name but a few.  Ron also received drum coaching from Simon Kirk (Drums - Bad Company), Vinnie Appice (Drums - Black Sabbath) and Alan White (Drums - Yes).

Ron is one of the driving forces behind the creation of The Chicago Project – “Peter, wouldn’t it be nice to play some Chicago?”

Soprano & Tenor Saxophone & Flute

Sam Ierullo

Sam initially studied saxophone, clarinet and flute with Jack Zaza and later studied jazz and jazz improvisation with jazz pianists Bob Erlendson and Frank Colucci.

Sam is a free-lance musician who has recorded on various albums, corporate videos, and special presentations and has performed throughout North America with various bands at dances, parties, shows, and weddings. He has played jazz as a member of the house bands at Maloney’s Tavern, Peters West, and Rose’s Place and at venues including the Granite Club, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Royal Ontario Museum. Sam has also performed with the Mega City Swing Band and the Big City Big Band at the Rex Hotel, Dominion on Queen, Eglinton Grand, and Hollywood on Queensway and played rhythm and blues at featured venues with artists including Chuck Jackson, Virgil Scott, Steven Ambrose, Derek Sharpe and Frank Cosentino.


Alto & Baritone Saxophone

Peter Maher

Peter studied saxophone under Pete Schofield and was a member of his Canadian College All-Star band recording several albums, playing extensively in southern Ontario and featured on the CTV show “Up and Coming”. The recipient of multiple Kiwanis Music Festival and CNE Music Festival awards, Peter was a founding member of the 8-piece rock band The Invasion (later named The Rock Revival) that enjoyed many years of success playing in featured venues across the GTA and southern Ontario. Since then he has played continuously in many stage and swing bands and now has come full circle. Being a founding member of The Chicago Project fulfills his dream of playing quality horn-based rock at the highest level with quality professional musicians.


Guitar, Bass Guitar & Vocals

Bob Wengle

Bob is a classically trained musician having started with Orff classes at the Royal Conservatory before moving to classical guitar studies with legendary teacher Eli Kassner (Liona Boyd, Atom Egoyan). Bob won several Kiwanis Festival awards and appeared on CBC’s “Telescope” and CHCH’s “The Little People”.  Switching to electric guitar, Bob formed the group Epitaph, a successful rock band in Toronto.

A multi-instrumentalist, Bob attended the acclaimed Berklee College of Music where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in composition. Bob toured with the showband Sweet Lorraine and has played continuously in several rock bands and showbands. Aside from his shared love of the horn bands, Bob’s true music love is The Beatles. Bob is still recovering from a weekend in 1984 when he drank with Harry Nilsson on the Friday and hung out at the Lennon apartment with Yoko Ono on the Sunday.